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Letter From Birmingham Jail: A Review



English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his &qu...

English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington in Washington, D.C., on 28 August 1963. Español: Dr. Martin Luther King dando su discurso “Yo tengo un sueño” durante la Marcha sobre Washington por el trabajo y la libertad en Washington, D.C., 28 de agosto de 1963. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This review, by Dr. Nicholson, has been provided courtesy of Desert Bible Institute http://www.desertbibleinstitute.com.

This was a truly amazing recording. After hearing this recording, I was struck by how Dr. King could take so many ideas from so many sources and smoothly and coherently tie them together. In this speech, Dr. King eloquently uses parallelism, allusion, and metaphor to paint a clear image of what the black community was experiencing in the South at this time. His arguments are clear and his definitions are accurate. Just as the pastors he was speaking to, I felt compelled and duty-bound to address the injustices he was speaking about rather than settling for a safe middle-ground. After hearing this, I feel a need to look for areas in my life where I choose wellbeing and effortlessness over uprightness and evenhandedness.

I am currently looking for other audio recordings of his famous speeches so that I can be further blessed by one of the most persuasive and charismatic speakers and teachers of the last century. Additionally, I plan to use this speech as the basis of several assignments for my students so that they can see how a truly great writer expresses himself and persuades his audience. If they can even begin to emulate Dr. King, they will truly be great writers.

Dion Graham was the perfect narrator for this recording. He has a strong, clear voice that rivals Dr. King’s. While Graham spoke in a style similar to Dr. King’s, he was by no means trying to do an imitation. It seemed to me that Graham has done he research however. He had a clear understanding of the rhythm, emphasis, and musical quality of Dr. King. His performance was engaging and a true tribute to Dr. King. I plan on finding other works by Graham to listen to in the future.

Trent Nicholson, Ph.D., D.Min.
Desert Bible Institute, President

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