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Taking God at His Word: A Review



When analyzing an audiobook that talks about biblical issues and accuracy there are several different elements that make or break the book. Among these elements are accuracy, structure, author’s style, applicability, and narration. As with all of DeYoung’s works, Taking God at His Word was highly accurate. The author carefully proves his points step-by-step using not only the Bible to support his positions but also by using renowned theologians and current articles. Academically speaking, DeYoung has written a substantial book that would prove useful in any study for new believers. Additionally, DeYoung organized both his chapters specifically and his book on a whole in a logical fashion that makes his points easy to understand. He offers a myriad of support in a straight forward way that is easily comprehensible.

The quality that got me to jump at the chance to review this book, however, was DeYoung’s style. In books like The Hole in Our Holiness, Crazy Busy, and Just Do Something, DeYoung has proven to be both droll and urbane in a way that both endears him to his audience and gets his reader to want to hear more. While I’m a bit of a systematic reader, I usually listen to his books in about a day. His witticisms and anecdotes often make the listener laugh out loud; however, he makes his points in such a way as to simmer in the back of one’s mind for days. This is what he usually does. In this book it seemed that he was trying to write a primer for new Christians. It begs to have a workbook made so that a membership class can dutifully follow along, fill in blanks, and go forth at the end of their 6-week session armed with enough knowledge to be confident in the inerrancy of scripture. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found it. Long story short, reading this book took me over a month listening to the last several chapters on high speed.

Perhaps what set this off the most for me was the matter-of-fact way that Lee DeYoung read this book. Often an author reads his own work to include his own nuance and personality into his work to add life and familiarity to it. Unfortunately, I have never heard Kevin DeYoung read his own work. Other times an author chooses a professional reader for their clarity and skill in reading. Usually, DeYoung has Adam Verner do his narration. Verner has a great sense of pacing and stress that adds to the text of DeYoung’s books. Lee DeYoung, while clear and well spoken, has more of an announcer quality to his speaking which doesn’t add anything to the text. One doesn’t really comprehend how important the right reader is until you don’t have that reader anymore. Nevertheless, Taking God at His Word is a good and useful book but markedly different that the normal Kevin DeYoung repartee.

Dr. Nicholson reviews academic, Christian living, and fiction books for a variety of publishers in an array of formats. He is never paid for any of his reviews. He writes these strictly as a courtesy to his students at Desert bible Institute and for any other readers that might find his insights valuable. For more reviews or information, visit Dr. Nicholson’s blog at drtnicholson.wordpress.com.
A copy of the book was generously offered to Dr. Nicholson by christianaudio.com in exchange for this unbiased review.

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